Introduction to the Maid Agency Review

With the increment in different home maid agencies in Singapore doing business with a safe and trusted maid agency is difficult because of fake and many incompetent agencies. Home maid agencies are agencies that proffer all kind of household chores and activities to people ranging from cooking washing, ironing, nanny jobs, gardening mostly on daily weekly or monthly basis. There are many things to consider before calling for the service of any of the many available maid agencies.  The government policy has it that,any dispute between the maid and employer must be disclosed by the agency together with the necessary terms and conditions during hiring.

Home maid agencies

What you need to know before choosing a Maid Agency

  • The first thing you need to consider is the level of experience. How long have the agency being rendering their services and how experienced is their workers? This questions must be answered to avoid patronizing with incompetent agencies.
  • Before you look for any maid agency, you must note if they offer exactly what you are looking for and if they are skilled in that particular household chore.
  • Government ranking on maid agencies helps in choosing a maid agency. With government high rating, it shows they are doing a good work.
  • It is of paramount importance to choose a maid agency that is registered and regulated by the government.
  • The company’s review and customer testimonials gives necessary assurance of their capability.
  • Also consider their records before choosing any maid agency.

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