All About Autograph Auction Online

The exhilaration of meeting much beloved idols and acquiring their autograph is infinite. Fans hope for an encounter with their favourite personalities in order to obtain authentic autographs that are written personally on a face-to-face basis. Further to sell famous and authentic autographed photos, sports memorabilia, books and other such items is a good money earner. However, in the age of modern technology, selling and purchasing of authentic autographs can be done via numerous means. If done properly and without odious restraints, autograph auctions online can be a rewarding experience.

Collecting autographs is serious business. Whether one is just starting out with his/her collection of autographs or looking to add high-value items; buying autographed celebrity photos for sale from unknown sources and sellers is fraught with risk. It is easy for others to claim that they possess real autographs for sale, but how can an ordinary buyer or collector with limited resources and network in the industry, authenticate that claim? This is why a reputable dealer with a substantial experience is to be relied on.

Points to keep in mind while opting for autograph auctions online:

autograph auctions online

  • Reputable entertainment memorabilia sellers make it a point to hand-sign their COAs or Certificates of Authenticity.
  • Such companies would happily refund any item to any customer with no time limit should they reasonably feel that the company sold them an autograph that is not authentic.
  • Normally, the Universal Autograph Collectors Club or UACC’s policy requires two dealers to state this in handwriting but a company of repute would only require one.
  • A reputable company always buys autographs and entire collections. This means their inventory of famous autographs, historical autographs, and celebrity autographs for sale is always growing. Consequently, they are in a position to offer more choices and more chances to their customers to complete their collection of autographed items.
  • Companies with high credential usually have a formidable collection of items in their inventory of autographed memorabilia for sale – items like vintage celebrity photos to Presidential autographs, rare autographs, and famous signatures. Such institutions have an authority in autograph appraisals.
  • These companies also have the official price guide to autographs to assist buyers and sellers get their prized possessions at reasonable rates.
  • The perks of choosing an esteemed company is that they expand their services unceasingly. From being solely a memorabilia and autograph dealer they expand their services to custom framing for their clients.

UACC (Universal Autograph Collectors Club) has governed the fine hobby of autograph collection for over 60 years. Approve of renowned autograph dealers like Kevin Martin, Tom and Cordelia Platt and the trio were selected to rewrite the ethics rules of the same. FIVE different publishers since the 1990’s have published books of Kevin Martin in the field of entertainment authentication making him the most prolific writer in his field.

Hope this article serves you to make the best use of autograph auction online!