Blake Golding Toronto – a business tycoon

If you like to know about the person that is popular for raising the funds and that also for the people that are serving to the Canadian forces and also to their families then it is none other than Blake Golding. He himself is the colonel in the Canadian army. He is the honorable man that is having many companies that are for the charity and funds. He is the man that is the chairman of AFG investment limited. He is also the chairman of his own company that is having the name many ways to serve. Not only is this but Blake Goldring Toronto another charity that is in Toronto.

His working

There are many other companies that are specially for raising the funds for the people that are serving other people. He is BA in economics and also from INSEAD in France he has done master in business administration. He is honorable colonel that is serving in the Canada army. He is having two children and a wife that lives in Toronto. He is also the member of board of committee. He is holding the CEO position in Sunnybrook health science center. It is not finished because he also works for the premier independent investment Management Company.

How to get in touch with him?

He is providing people to visit his website that is very much available on the internet and there you can have all the information about this popular person. He is also running many hospitals and in his site you have all the information. You can have the time to meet this famous man and for that you can book the appointment on his site. He is providing the funds to those men and women that are helping other people in Canada and those specially serving to the forces and their families.  He is also the member of quality committee of the board and nominating committee. In Canada he serves for the charity of Sunnybrook, Canadian film center, C.D. Howe institute, Toronto Symphony Orchestra.