How Diagnosis Prove to be the Only Solution for Autism Spectrum Disorder?

The diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder is generally a two stage process. While the first half of the process involves general screening of the child checkups by the pediatricians, the second half of the diagnosis involves thorough evaluation by the team of doctors who are specialists in the field. Some of the children in the process even show some developmental concerns who are then referred for additional evaluation. During the second stage of diagnosis, the children have generally diagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorder or any other developmental disorder that shows its sign.

Children who have been affected with ASD are usually diagnosed since the age of two. Parents are always asked to go through some of the screening tests which can be helpful at the age of eighteen months or even younger. But while studying multiple varied cases of ASD, Christopher Manente has even noticed that there are some children who have milder symptoms, and these children cannot be diagnosed until the age of three. Early diagnosis is definitely important because early intervention enhances the chances of reducing or even preventing the disabilities which are associated with ASD and could be more severe. Experts have even gone to find out that an early intervention could enhance the chances of improving a child’s adaptive behavior such as their IQ, language, and normal functional skills which are carried out every single day.

Till date, several studies have been carried out, and not a single research work could prove that it is one specific vaccine or combination of some vaccines is the main cause of autism. Even there is no solid evidence in support of the fact that there are certain materials used in the preservation of vaccines which ultimately lead to vaccines. Just like the cause of ASD cannot be traced, no one can even ensure that there is a complete cure of ASD, or any one single treatment could be recommended for it. There are only ways, which could minimize the symptoms of ASD and help in maximizing the learning part.

  • Behavioral therapy has always proved to have the deepest impact and it even helps in reinforcing the wanted behaviors and reduces the unwanted ones.
  • Speech therapists can even help ASD affected kids to improve their ability to communicate with the larger mass.
  • ASD patients do not find some financial help of a special grant from the local regulatory bodies. As a result of it, they need to earn their own living. There are occupational therapists who can help them find ways in coping up with the situation and adjusting a task that could match their needs and abilities.
  • The physical therapists like Christopher Manente who have even designed activities and exercises that could build motor control and hence improve the posture and balance of the ASD-affected kids.

Thorough research work has been carried on to find out the earliest signs of Autism Spectrum Disorders, and the sole aim is to help the health professionals diagnose the children at a younger age since that gives them few more years to go through the development treatments. Time has still not flown away, and the entire world can hope to get some permanent solution some day in future.