How To Make Your Packing Process Much Easier

When you are relocating or just going abroad for a few months, there is a list of things that you need to take with you to make sure that you can live comfortably. Although there are the use of checklists to make the process of picking and choosing between your valuable easy, packing them is a different manner. Most of the time, your fragile items will end up coming out in pieces or in the worst case scenarios, in dust particles. So, to avoid this sad and disastrous end result where you lose money and necessities, use these ideas for packing your items properly.

Categorizing by weight

When you are packing, you should be thinking long term. This would entail how the items are going to be transported and then subsequently unpacked by the movers. If not, you need to figure out how you are going to leave them in the self storage services and how long it will have to stay there. The weight of the object you are packing has to be taken into consideration when you are packing. Heavier items should go in first, followed by the lower weighted items on top. If you accidently put a heavy item on top then you will end up with crushed and crinkled things on the bottom.


Use the right container

Whether you are going for self storage services or just regular boxes, make sure that the container you are using is the proper size. If you are using large boxes, it does not necessarily mean that you should pack it to the brim. In most cases of professional movers, the large boxes are hard to handle and the bottom ends up falling off. So, you will have movers who are angry and cranky after all the lifting and picking up pieces and also broken and dirtied personal items. Put heavier items in smaller boxes so that the weight is something that can be carried.  Items that are lighter can go in the larger boxes as a large number of them will make the weight heavier.

Balance out the boxes

Boxes that seem loosely packed and have uneven weight distribution are harder to carry. As one arm needs to bear a heavier weight, it is unhealthy as well. So, add in small gadgets and items into the gaps in the boxes so that the weight distribution will be even among the box.

Use a labeling system that you are comfortable with. This will come extremely handy when you are unpacking and need to go for a specific box (like clothes) first. This will also make it easier for the movers to take each box to the designated room. Put labels on the doors of the new place as well for movers’ convenience.