Planning That Next Event: Tips To Help You Be In Control

You are up for that next promotion and just as you thought you have done more than just delivering that proposal your boss wants you to take over the planning of the Manager’s gala! Or, your best friend is getting married and you have been entrusted with the wedding rehearsal dinner. Even better, you’re 16 year old expectantly waiting for her sweet 16-birthday bash, the unique kind that is cool with everything done differently! Yes, planning an event can be a nerve wrecking job but not something you cannot do. Fret not! Here are some tips that will help keep you on top of things.

Keep yourself organized

Sit down, take a deep breath and start penning those details down. Planning is everything, no matter how big or small an event is. Penning those items down also will help you to think through areas that you would have otherwise missed. Each main component of the event must be considered in detail: the invitees, the registration, venue, food, gift bags, entertainment and the works. A lot goes in to planning an event, and best not to miss anything less you will be haunted of it during the event, when it might be a little too late to fix. So, keep yourself organized.


Maintain a checklist

Keeping up with all those details can be made a tad bit easier if you carry around a checklist created based on your detail plan. Keep referring to that checklist. And as and when you complete each task have that secret pleasure of ticking that box away. Remember, to mark check does not mean merely contracting a wedding catering service for the food. There are elements to consider, such as the budget, the experience of the caterers, quality of food, tasting sessions, presentation and much more. All these elements must be noted in your checklist.

Use latest technology

You need to know the catering venues in Melbourne? Google it! There are plenty of reviews and comments and online support made available by service providers. This alone could help you make 90 percent of the decisions in no time. Learn about the latest software available to do those guest counts and seating plans etc. Don’t hold on to excel just because that is all you know.

Precise and clear communication

Always keep your client or your friend informed of what is happening. This helps build the client’s confidence and trust in you. Also do remember, at the end of the day you need your clients to be happy and their needs to be met. So keep them in step with all that goes on.  Similarly important is to have a very clear understanding of what you are handling and what they are handling. All this is a part of clear communication.