safety tips for construction workers

Construction workers play an essential role in the economy, they are responsible for carrying out major work for the society at large they work effectively to enhance productivity. In order for them to work efficiently they need to have safety tips to help them. The first tip for the construction worker is for them to follow instructions carefully, most equipment that a construction worker uses is considered dangerous and should be used properly to prevent any injury, and because of this they usually comes with instructions that the workers must read carefully before operating. Construction workers must lift objects and equipment properly, as incorrect ways may cause harm and damage to the worker, mandrel bending as well as palm aches are very common among workers who do not lift objects properly. Workers should always bend their knees and to avoid twisting of the sides when lying. To maintain balance put one foot slightly in front the other, workers should protect their eyes at all times, construction requires people to see very well, therefore without proper working eyes these workers might not be able to do their job well.


The eyes and ears should be protected from intense noise and vibrations, opt power tools with lower vibrations, modify noise and longer trigger tools. For those construction workers who conducts electricity or heat should always remember to use hand tools, and not just their bare hands, as this may cause harm to them. Construction workers should always use proper tools and equipment to do their job. Damage tools are not useful, as such workers should examine each tool before it is used to ensure that it is in proper working condition. Maintain tools in good clean and working condition, workers should ensure ladders are inspected before each shift as well as extended three flat above roofs or floors and tied off at the top, they should put safety netting underneath any roof opening during construction. The head can easily be damaged as often times there are falling objects that may harm workers, so wearing protection is extremely important, workers should always remember to have their head protective gear with them, workers must be instructed about the hazards of using diagonal braces as fall protection, they are encouraged to carry the tools they use very carefully, they should never carry a tool by its cord or hose. Also be sure to keep these cords and hoses from oil, heat, water and sharp objects. Workers should know, learn and understand their work policies, comprehensive programme, safety progammes issued for specific work place job position, and tasks at hand should be adhered to. The skin is a very sensitive organ and can be damaged easily, therefore worker must always try to protect it from all the harmful chemicals, chemicals can irritate the skin,  as such they should never touch the chemical spills with the bare skin. Protective gears and clothes are essential for their health. Fire extinguishers must be available and readily attainable, should in case there is a fire in the building, workers should wear all safety garments required for specific jobs at all times.