No cooling air no matter how much you adjust the thermostat

When you aircon keeps releasing warm air even if you are interested in cool air, chances are you need to get air conditioning repair in Lakeland FL to have a look at it to find out what could be causing it to malfunction.

Inconsistent air flow

It is easy to neglect and assume this is not a problem serious enough to find out if the aircon needs to be repaired. It is however important to remember that the damage can be extensive if the problem is ignored because the fact is, the aircon will not miraculously start having the right air flow unless you have it checked.

Unbalanced temperature

If different parts of the house have different temperatures yet the house is being served by the same air conditioner. This is a sign that the thermostat is faulty and not necessarily the aircon system. You however need the services of air conditioning repair in Lakeland FL to ascertain this and make the necessary repairs so that the aircon system works optimally.

Water leaks

It does not matter if the water is dripping on the floor or simply visible on the aircon system. This is not normal and can be a health hazard if not handled immediately. Once you notice any leakage from your aircon system, it is best to contact air conditioning repair in Lakeland FL for assistance. It is best to remember this is not just about having your house at the right temperature but ensuring the same system that is designed for your comfort does not get you sick.

Strange noise

If your air conditioning system starts developing strange noises, it is best to find out the reason for this. It is not only uncomfortable sleeping with squeaky or any other noise coming from the air con. There could be several reasons why your air conditioning is making that noise but you will not know why unless you professional to come and figure out what could be wrong early enough before it becomes a costly repair or even possibly replacement.