Tips To Make the Best Use of Time Clock Genie

The service provided is absolutely free and at no extra cost or latent terms. You can register and start managing your employee’s schedule hassle free. The data is kept safe from any hackers or error to make sure that you stay tension free from losing any important information. At Time Clock Genie your data is stored safely and also a backup is made for any future unforeseen event that might come.

Maintain an Expense Sheet

If you are maintaining a proper sheet then you’ll know the amount of work your employee is actually doing. Every time he checks in or out it gets recorded and accordingly his payroll will be generated. It offers you the ease of doing small business without having to keep huge records and papers in your office. The details about an employee will be available in Time Clock Genie for a year even if he has been removed. Simply paste the code that will be provided to you on your website to allow you and your employee to just access in quickly. There will be a Clock In button and it makes the feature easy to control.

 Time Clock Genie

Connect from your Smartphone

You can access the data any time over you smartphone also with the help of the internet. You can check this from any device and make changes if you wish to. The whole thing is always available online to allow you to make an inspection anytime of the day. You can make the control panel similar to your choice to make it look like a part of your website. It will be designed so as to make you feel that it matches the design or is similar to it at the least minimal charges.

Use the Clock Shield

This feature allows you to ensure that the employees are unable to clock in or out from any other location. They can only do so with the system that you depute to clock their attendance. There are no locations other than this where your employees can make any changes in the control panel. you can monitor the time of every Clock in or out and this can also be informed to you either via text or an email. if there are any specific employee you wish to keep an eye on then simply track them and receive text or email about their every clock in or out.

The following points cover the ways in which you can make most of the Time Clock Genie free services. It is an easy, free and simple way to keep a check on the attendance and over time of your employees.