Who is Rodney Steven?

When it comes to the physical fitness, many people are working day and night to make people aware that how many physical exercises are important for you. They have been providing with all the help that you can give so that people realize this fact and get to make themselves healthier. Rodney Steven is one of those people. He has been physically active himself and now he is the President and the owner of the Genesis health club. Here he is doing his best to help people with all the physical training and knowledge he has.


Mr. Steven has quite a simple education tree. He was graduated from the Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. During this time he was an active member of tennis. He got in the university on a tennis scholarship. Before university, he had been teaching tennis to people. At the university, he was an active member of tennis. His aim was to inspire people about the physical fitness. He researched the topic and found that there is a need of a fitness center that has the best customer care facilities and all the equipment. This idea became the reason of his popularity.

Genesis Health Club

Mr. Steven has been trying his best to make sure that people are taking care of their body. It is very important to have the body health. If someone lags in it, then there is no way anyone will want to work. Rodney Steven, when completely bought the idea, made a fitness center. Genesis health club is the best fitness club that you can be. It provides all the equipment for the exercises and the best caring facilities. The instruction and the information that you will get from this health club are way too important.


Facilities of the Genesis health club

The Genesis health club is offering the best facilities that you can imagine a health club offering. First of all, it is on the internet. You can train yourself right at home to become physically healthy and strong. Then you can have a 7 day trial of paying the fee for the course. It is available at 41 different locations, and of course, the credit goes to Rodney Steven. One of the best facilities is the customer care. There are many health centers but lag in the customer care, which is quite a setback for them. Genesis will give you the best caring facilities that you can imagine. There are many other facilities that it provides.