Enchanting films for New Year blast

Giant surprise is waiting for the comic lovers with an explosive high budget film that delivers entertainment beyond your imaginations. The animation technology is rising to the peak with the use of smart film making equipments. Comic stories have been originated from our ancestral days we would have heard many stories of imaginary world with main hero. The main role used on comic films can beat anyone with their super natural powers and they can achieve anything by killing the devil powers that are danger to our earth.

The interest shown by people for these types of film tempted the movie makers to introduce cosplay hero with different super powers in adventure stories. Popularly fans count increased for these adventure films especially children love it more and start to imagine themselves as those hero’s played on the comic films. These comic films are taken in several countries commonly but the introduction of giant hero superman swayed everyone even adults become the diehard fans for him. The popularity to these films urged the film makers to produce many films same like this that laid path for the big movies such as batman, spider man, iron man, hulk and more.


Impacts on comical characters

All these films comes under comic category, and these comic con action figures was taken as role model by many kids and they started to wear printed t-shirts of these super heroes. Successful hit of comic cons made the film makers to think about producing film with both heroes in same film hence the plan is to introduce batman vs superman.

The project was opened in 2003 at comic con international event but the preparations started more delay in the year of 2013. Since the team waited for the new technologies which are specially used in these films hence this much of delay has been occurred. Several rumours around this film is going viral after the release of trailer, the trailer of the film batman vs batman “Dawn of justice” going viral in many social medias. Millions of fans are eagerly waiting for the big film which is going to release on upcoming year 2016. They also introduce women super power in this film with same qualities like these two heroes. The dawn of justice includes latest technologies like 2D, 3D and IMAX to offer real entertainment bash for viewers.