Transform Your Look, Recreate A New You

Well everyone of us wants to look attractive. Every one of us wants to recreate the look we used to possess in our twenties. But due to pollution, unhealthy diet habits, excess stress, lack of sleep are adversely affecting our skin as well as our hair. But in this article, we are going to discuss some short hair styles as well as maintaining which is so easy that one cannot even belie

Bad Health Of Hair

Due to excess stress at work as well as personal life it is getting impossible for women to take actual as well as proper care of hair. Ancient times we had seen that the princess used to possess long beautiful thick textured hair. Looking to such style at least once in our lifetime we felt upset as well as longed for such beautiful style. But due to pollution, the hair is losing its shining texture. Resulting dull, broken hair, If someone’s hair does not look healthy, then the whole gorgeous look will be in vain.


All sorts of expensive makeup beauty products as well as that off shoulder little black dress won’t be working on your crush to impress and amaze him. The situation is aggregating due to consumption of unhealthy food. Thus due to lack of vitamin C as well as zinc and other vitamins and minerals the hair is losing its natural shining property. And if you has been counted as a style diva and changing style is your everyday job then you need to understand that using heat as well not taking proper care of your hair will only cost you more at later ages.

So what’s the point to do such thing to follow such process while we cannot even look better at some point in our life? What’s the point to spend so much money at the beauty salons which will not even help at the later ages to keep our hair healthy? Do not worry. There are more than 52 Short Hairstyles for Round, Oval and Square Faces. The advantage of keeping such style is you do not need to take that much of care which you used to take regarding long hair. It’s trendy as well as suits any types of outfit you throw upon. Even at the evening party, you will be the center of attraction. The short style with a hint of bangs loosely flowing through your forehead will make your crush force to talk with you.

So it’s your turn to get a new short hairstyle to impress your loved one or your crush.a