Unusual Watches for Ladies

Apart from wrist watches worn on the hand, there are other types of watches for women that tell time and adorn other body parts. Pendant chain watches worn on the neck, pocket watches that bring to mind past eras, ring watches, and fob/lapel style watches. And there are clocks to adorn your home. Here are just some of the different types of watches for women, why not set a trend and try something new!

Pocket Watches

Pocket watches are timepieces made to be carried in the pocket, rather than worn on the wrist. They were tucked into pockets, attached to chains that were worn on the neck as pendant watches or attached to chains of ribbons that were attached to clothes fob watch style. Men preferred the pocket watch style while ladies preferred to wear them as pendants. Wrist watches were not always the most popular ways to wear a watch. The wearing and use of wrist watches to tell time is just a recent practice only widely adapted in the 19th century. For more than four centuries, pocket watches were the main way to tell time.

Today, wrist watches are the most popular watch styles for both men and women. But pocket watches have not lost their appeal.

Ladies Pendant Chain Watches

Ladies pendant watches are exactly like pendant necklaces. They are attached to a chain that is worn on the neck. They are stylish, practical, and comfortable functioning as timepieces and necklaces.  If you prefer to wear your watch as a necklace and leave your wrists free, this is the perfect style for you. Wearing pendant watches for women began centuries ago during the era of the pocket watch. While men preferred carrying their pocket watches tucked inside their pockets, ladies preferred theirs on a chain and worn as a pendant. This way, it was both a time keeper and a piece of jewellery.

Most of the styles available are vintage but there are also contemporary styles by some modern watch brands. In fact, they have started becoming a fashionable accessory recently, with Diesel watches launching a pendant model that has been seen the catwalks in 2018

Lapel/Fob Watches

Fob or lapel watches are watches designed to be attached to clothing. The style is inspired by pocket watches. Typically, a pocket watch will have a silver or gold chain that allows it to be worn on the neck or securely attached to one’s belt loop, lapel or waistcoat. The chain is known as a ‘fob’. A pocket watch with a fob is referred to as a ‘fob watch’. This is a popular style in watches for nurses.

Ring Watches

Ladies ring watches are comfortable and a convenient way to tell time. If you prefer to wear your watch on your finger instead of your wrist, your neck, in your pocket or on your clothes, ring watches are the perfect accessory, stylish and functional. They are cool and unique time tellers that are also pieces of jewellery. While there are not as wide a selection of ring watches as there are of wrist watches, there are some nice looking vintage ring watches as well as beautiful and stylish modern fashion ring watches. Most brands concentrate on the more popular ladies’ wrist watches but there are a few who make ring watches today.


Functional home decor accessories to adorn your home and make it easy to tell time when at home. Decorative wall clocks, mantel clocks you can place on the mantel, shelf, table or home office desk to alarm clocks for your bedside table.

Styles include modern and contemporary, unique, vintage, retro inspired and more. You can find clocks that will suit your home decor style and taste.