Prefer the effective war base and make moves

Everyday many games are being launched in the smartphones application stores and people use to download all those games and play. Most of the people will play war games and they will be very eager to compete with the opponents. Those games are able to play online and hence many people can associate and play the game in the same time. This will be more interesting and everyone will implement different tactics to defeat the other player in the game.

Attacking the enemies in a war game is always a complicated process. It is because the player has to implement many strategies about how to attack the opponent safely. While defining such things, he must consider about his troop and the strategies must protect them from the enemy’s attack. There are many war layouts and the players can use them as they wish. Generally many players are not aware of the advantages in using different war bases in the games. The main objective of using this war bases is to attack the enemies easily and conquer their location.


This will boost up the rewards and points of the player in the game. Those points will help the player to build many defensive blocks to protect his troop from the opponent. The Anti-GoLaLoon is the most preferred war base and many people are using it since it allows them to attack the enemy’s bases more easily. By using this one, the player can easily move his troop towards the opponent’s layout and attack his army. Generally there will be nine imperative units in a base and if the player attacks them then he can win the game.

As the first step, he has to destroy the air defences in the game so that he can move nearer to the Archer Queen. But when making that move, the player must protect his army in the proper manner because in that location the enemies can easily attack the player’s troop. This is one of the drawbacks in this war base. Therefore he must ensure and plan the attack accordingly. Normally if the player destroys the 2 units of the enemy then he can take advantage and proceeded with the further moves. For this purpose only many players will target the weakest location of the opponent and begin the attack. This one will be a better way to eliminate the enemy’s troop and move to the next levels in the game.