The Safety Behind Stanozolol 10mg Tablets

Stanozolol 10mg or also known as Winstrol is one of the most popular dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derivative product. This steroid is used worldwide for human and veterinary medicine. Stanozolol has the capabilities to stimulate red blood cell production which is why it was primarily used to treat anemia as well as hereditary angioedema.

Stanozolol is also able to suppress the anti-anabolic activities of Cortisone and can also stimulate the production of collagen. Winstrol can be found in either oral form and intramuscular injections. Despite all these benefits and features of Stanozolol, some users are still questioning the safety of this product.

The Best Oral Winstrol Dosage

Recently, more and more bodybuilders and athletes are becoming curious about the benefits that they can reap when using Stanozolol. This product is most commonly used in cutting phases. Most experienced users are taking 50 mg daily which should be taken for 6 to 8 weeks. There are other users who are more comfortable with using higher doses like 100mg daily for the same length of duration.

features of Stanozolol

But remember that the more amounts of Stanozolol you take, the higher chances of risking your health for side effects. This can be very dangerous to the liver and may cause hepatotoxicity. There are users who follow the 100 mg daily dose but shorten their duration of use to 10 to 14 days. This will help them avoid liver damage.

A bodybuilder who competes is commonly using 50 mg of Winstrol daily for 6 to 8 weeks. And just before their competition, they boost the dosage up to 100mg daily for the last two weeks. This will add more hardness on their physique which they prefer the most. This is one of the secrets that bodybuilders revealed to achieve a better looking body.

The Winstrol Dose for Women

Women users are the ones who benefit the most from Winstrol use. It is believed that they achieve 100% success rate and can be tolerated, unlike other steroids. Women will usually dose with 10 mg per day. You might think that this is a low dose, but according to experienced users, this is enough for women, especially to those who are quite sensitive to this hormone.

Some women users who aim to improve their physique are taking the chances of dosing higher, like 20mg a day. But you must understand that this dose may be more effective, but it can also cause potential virilization side effects which is why this dosage is not usually suggested especially for new users.

In bodybuilding, Stanozolol is used for the development of the muscles and reduction of body fat. This is the reason why Winstrol is very popular among bodybuilders. But also because of its popularity, more users are abusing and misusing this drug. When a user abuses Stanozolol, there is a huge possibility for side effects. Some are mild and temporary, but some can be life-threatening. Remember that some of the adverse effects caused by Stanozolol can be irreversible and may appear unnoticed.