A Brief Guide to Psychology and the Various Aspects Associated with the Field

The study of mental behavior and functions is what the subject of psychology is all about. Understanding individuals by carrying out researches and establishing various principles is the basic aim of this discipline of study. The social conduct of a person is also studied under this genre with the help of symbolic interpretations. There are experts to help in the diagnosis and treatment of different types of psychology.

Wayne Imber  is a doctor treating allergies like asthma; however, he is a retired professor who taught social and developmental psychology. He has in the past educated several undergraduates and masters programs students in Arizona, Massachusetts and Chicago. The American Red Cross has seen a lot of contribution from him.

The human mind is perhaps the most intriguing area of study for psychologists because that is something that keeps on varying from person to person. Psychologists have been studying the various behaviors, emotions, personality changes, and perspectives of individuals. These changes not just affect the mental state of the person concerned but also the relationships he has. Thus, the psychologists study both the conscious as well as the unconscious states of mind and analyze them to get an idea of the normal reaction to such alterations of the mind.

Psychology is a very sensitive subject and while studying it, it is important you completely understand everything so that you are able to treat people properly. Wayne Imber was a professor who taught psychology to numerous undergraduate and master’s degree students in various parts of the U.S. Professors like him are the sources of gaining knowledge about the different types of psychology.

  1. Abnormal Psychology – this is the study of unusual thoughts, emotions, behaviors and concepts of individuals, and is not always necessarily linked to some kind of mental disorder. The change in the interactive patterns and shifts in the nature of an individual and how he/she adapts to it, is the primary point of study in this psychology type.

The two types of unusual behaviors in abnormal psychology are Maladaptive and Adaptive behaviors.

  1. Biological Psychology – as the name suggests this involves the biological principles to study the genetic, psychological and development behavior not just in humans but in animals as well. It could be called to be the investigations of the neurotransmitters, the brain circuit, the nerves, and other processes that are connected to the normal and the abnormal behavior too. This is also known as Biopsychology.
  2. Counseling Psychology – this is the probably the most complicated type of psychology that involves a lot of broad categories. Supervision and training, career development, health and prevention and of course counseling form its various parts. It could be taken to be the study of an individual’s strengths and assets.

Psychology is a sneak peak into the mind of an individual and it serves to be very helpful in understanding the human behaviors and its abnormalities. This enables in further helping individuals who may be battling with some of the most h=negatives feelings and emotions they have buried inside themselves.