Evolution of stem cell therapy

Stem cell therapy is one of the recent discoveries in the domain of medical science. It has gone on to become an effective treatment for autism where no surgical or medical treatment is available. Certain selective regions in the brain of an individual is damaged and they are not able to function in a normal manner. What the treatment does is that the damaged cells of the brain are being replaced with healthy ones. Because of this reason it restores the lost functions and goes on to improve the quality of life. With the help of this treatment individuals integrate better and they feel that they are part of the society.

Definition of stem cells

They are key components which make up all the tissues of the human body. Specialized cells which could multiply on to any tissue of the body is  a feature of theirs. It could replace or repair the damaged tissue. It is very well capable of mitigating on to the damaged tissue whereby the process of repair begins.

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Classification of stem cells

Though there are varied types of stem cells, it can be broadly classified into a couple of types

  • Embryonic- these stem cells are obtained from the unborn foetus. The spare embryos from the IVF clinics provide them with the same. In fact these cells are not being used due to the medical controversies that have emerged. The tumour effects is one of the serious issues in terms of side effects with these cells
  • Umbilical cord- normally these cells are being taken from the umbilical cord and that connects the baby along with the mother at birth. It is safe and less controversial in comparison to the embryonic cells. They are being derived from the exteriors of the patient and then the donor cells needs to be compatible with the patient. Most blood banking companies go on to store these cells. The storage and availability could be a cause of concern as well
  • Adult stem cells- these cells are obtained from the same patient whether it is the fat tissue or the hip bone. They are safer and the most popular form of stem cells and the best part is that their availability is never a cause of issue. The issue of extraction, taking them back and then injecting has never been a problem and it is a non-evasive procedure. Because of their autologous issue there is no problem with regards to their safety

In recent times iPSC cells have emerged that has become popular with a lot of potential. They are taken from the patients and this is then genetically modified so as to replicate the embryonic cells.

As far as the best autism cell stem cell treatment in India is concerned it works on the concept that growth factors are released which goes on to regulate the balance of the immune system. In the midst of all this they go on to increase the supply of blood to the affected tissue.