How common are the blood clots during the pregnancy time and how they all are treated? These blood clots are occurs approximately 230000 women during pregnancy each year. They are life threatening to mother and this is one of the major causes for the natural death.  Physicians are typically prescribes the anticoagulant medicines, which may prevent the blood from clotting. Of all those things heparin is the widely prescribes anticoagulant for women who are pregnant. The blood clots ate most often caused, but not regularly, by long period of immobility. During this time, the condition is known as the deep vein thrombosis can occur.

Why we should need to have blood testing? While you are taking the anticoagulant, the doctor will have to carefully monitor the clotting ability. The blood test will helps to measure how quickly you blood clots or if your blood is clotting very slowly. If the lab test show that the blood is clotting very slowly or very quickly, the medication may be adjusted or sometimes it may be changed. The deep vein clots in the thigh is very serious than those happening in the lower leg portion. These clots are very likely to travel to the lungs. There are also many insurances companies and hospitals have the own interest in the therapist clinics, so that they are making money on both sides. 

Then let us see what deep vein thrombosis is? The deep vein thrombosis is the blood clot that forms in the vein deep into the human body. Most of the deep vein clots may occur in the hip or the leg veins. They also may occur in some other parts of the human body. The blood clot in the veins in thigh is generally very serious that the blood clots which happen in the veins of the lower leg portion. Id the clot in veins break off and then travel through the bloodstreams, this can lodge in the lungs. These have been mentioned to patients several times, while they talk to the people about the g-suits. If you want some other information regarding the blood clot the link may help you greatly.