Heather Weber Says keep the mind body spirit happy with yoga

Being a woman means you are complete, successful, versatile and dynamic. A woman is the glue that holds many lives together. She is doting at home and responsible for the happiness of the family. However, the woman of today has many roles and responsibilities. She is constantly stressed and stretched draining her physically, emotionally and mentally. The solution to this stress comes in the form of a simple practice just for a few minutes every day- yoga!

Why is yoga important for you in modern times?

Heather Weber Merrill Lynch in the USA is a yoga enthusiastic and she advises women of all ages to go yoga for enriching the soul, body and mind. Health and fitness experts for women recommend yoga for their mental and physical health. With the aid of yoga poses and practices, women can cater to the multiple demands of their busy lives. They are expected to fulfill many roles and multi-task like superwoman. Everyone in the family looks up to them especially their children. They need to cater to their office demands and take care of their domestic responsibilities equally. They are constantly competing with men.

How does yoga help you?

Yoga helps you to align the body, spirit and mind. It enhances flexibility and improves posture. It also aids in weight loss and weight management. There are special asanas or poses that you need to hold. The breathing patterns need to be rhythmic as this will help you calm both the body and mind. The best part about yoga is that it is simple and can be practiced anywhere anytime. You do not have to have a rigid schedule. There are some yoga poses and postures that you can easily practice while sitting down. You may practice the breathing techniques known as pranayams in the office whenever you feel stressed. In short, it is a technique that helps you calm the mind. A rested mind will help you perform better. You will feel happy and radiate the vibrations of joy all the time. Your surroundings will be joyful and the quality of your life will improve to a very large extent she says.

How to start?

You should contact an experienced and skilled yoga teacher who will help you learn the techniques of yoga step by step. The best part of yoga is that it can be done by any woman of any age. This means you do not have to be conscious even if you are an older woman and do not feel like going to the gym to work out. You can enroll in the basic course and gradually upgrade to the advanced levels. All you need to do is ensure that you have a good teacher who is certified in the art of teaching yoga to students.

Heather Weber Merrill Lynch says that if you really want to have a healthy body and mind, it is high time for you to start yoga. You will gradually find your life transforming for the best!