How Stanazolol Effects on Trained Athletes

Blood doping is the administration of whole blood or preparations containing red blood cells. In the case of autologous blood transfusion, the athlete can take about one liter of blood, which is then preserved and stored in a cold store.

After the targeted blood loss, the production of the red blood cells is stimulated by EPO. If the blood volume has reached a normal value again after four to six weeks, the stored blood can be infused, ie, infused to the body by infusion.


Blood doping increases the number of red blood cells in the blood. As a result of this increase, an improvement in the oxygen capacity is achieved. In blood doping, blood transfusion and blood transfusion must be differentiated.

Side effects:

The risk of infection during transfusion of foreign blood, the risk of improper storage and possible infections during blood transfer.

Gene Doping

Gen doping is like doping with self-blood a method that does not give the athlete anybody-borne means. Instead, the hereditary substance is altered and the body is permanently made to produce self-enhancing substances.

One way to make the body more powerful by gene doping is to turn off the protein myostatin. Myostatin normally inhibits muscle growth at a certain limit. If it is deactivated, all the muscles of the body grow in theory. This effect can also occur as a natural genetic mutation, for example in the bovine breed “Blue-and-White Belgians” and very rarely also in humans.

So far, there are no findings on whether this type of gene doping is used in humans, but in mice and cattle, the effect is intensively investigated in experiments: body-borne genetic material is removed and part of the genetic information is removed. Then a piece of mutated DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) is used at this site.

The artificial genes are augmented in a nutrient solution and injected back into the body. There, the manipulated genes proliferate and cause the protein myostatin is deactivated.

Following is the brief details how Stanazolol effects on trained athletes which are very important to know.


Gen doping or pharmaceutical agents that block myostatin may cause muscles to grow disproportionately. Athletes could thus train themselves in short time larger and stronger muscles and thus become considerably more powerful.

Side effects:

Side effects are hardly known. Since myostatin generally regulates the growth of all cells in the body, it is to be assumed that not only the muscles grow uncontrolled. There could be rapid cancer or uncontrollable deformities and malfunctions of the organs.

It is particularly critical that the doping effect and thus the side effects cannot be simply stopped because the entire genetic material has been artificially altered. The consequences of this far-reaching change are incalculable.

Warning of unauthorized means

The list of prohibited doping substances is growing, but the demand for doping agents continues to exist. Thus, new substances are constantly being circulated – the black market of doping is flourishing.

This is how Stanazolol effects on trained athletes.