How to consume Vitamin C for miscarriages?

Most people strongly believe that vitamin C is good when consumed on a regular basis. The fact is that vitamin C foods can affect the fertility and used to prevent pregnancy. It helps in instant abortion or miscarriage. There are a lot of scientific facts that prove Vitamin C as an efficient weapon for miscarriage. There are few recipes in which you can add vitamin C fruits and foods easily to induce abortion.

  • Sugarcane

Consuming sugarcane juice leads to abortion is a known fact for everyone. Why is sugarcane juice used for abortion? It is also a heat-inducing food that contracts the uterus thereby leading to miscarriage. It is not the juice or fruit that is leading to miscarriage; it is the effect of consumption of Vitamin C foods that lead to abortion. When Vitamin C is consumed in high dosages, the body gets heated up and affects the uterus. This is the theory behind consuming sugarcane juice for abortion.

  • Strawberries

Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C and A. It induces heat in the uterus and consuming strawberries will abort the baby. It helps to weaken the bond between the egg and wall of the uterus. This is done without causing much harm to the internal organs, hence consuming Vitamin C foods for pregnancy is the healthiest way. Strawberries can be taken as juices, smoothie along with parsley, salad with other vitamin C foods, along with jaggery as a sweetener and with milk as a strawberry milkshake.

  • Types of seeds

Sesame seeds can be made as a sweet along with jaggery for abortion. It helps in contracting the uterus in early stages of pregnancy. Especially, if it is consumed before 5weeks, it is good for inducing abortion. Groundnut seeds can be made into a chutney and eaten along with rice. These seeds can be powdered and added with warm water for easy consumption.

  • Kiwi and guava

Small bright green fruit which is from New Zealand has a lot of Vitamin C in it. It is easily available in markets however one must strive hard to eat them. It has a rich sour taste and difficult to eat separately. To induce abortion, one can mix that with jaggery and eat. Basically, all the citrus fruits induce heat to the uterus and in turn contract it. Guava is consumed raw on an empty stomach, and it can induce abortion when eaten daily. Eat at least 4 guavas to terminate the pregnancy.

  • Other Citric fruits

Citrus fruits are huge in number. All the citrus fruits contribute to Vitamin C nutrient. Oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes are topping the list. A small glass of orange juice can help you abort the baby when consumed daily. Gooseberry is again a fruit that has rich Vitamin C components. All citrus fruits are usually sour in taste, but strawberries and kiwi are terribly sour. Sprinkle some seeds and jaggery to overcome the taste. By adding all the above-mentioned vitamin C rich foods, one can easily induce abortion. Add to the daily routine in high dosages, however, ensure that it is not affecting the body too much.