Know More About The Skin Condition Alopecia Totalis!

Our body is subject to get affected by various kinds of diseases and infections. If not treated at the right time, such diseases can become incurable. Problems related to the skin conditions can be very severe in nature. Even if cured, the symptoms of such diseases can once again start to occur.

One such skin condition which results in hair loss of the patient is referred to as alopecia totalis. It should not be confused with alopecia aerate that causes sort of round patches on the patient’s scalp. Alopecia totalis, just like the name suggest, results in complete loss of hair from the scalp.

Common symptoms of AlopeciaTotalis:-

Those who are suffering from this particular skin condition usually have the problem of complete baldness. It all starts with the loss of small scrap of hair which continues till the patient gets all bald.

The symptoms can occur suddenly as well as rapidly. Other symptom to look out for is pitted or brittle nails.

What are the causes of Alopecia Totalis?

Medical practitioners and researchers have already conducted several experiments and test in order to find out the root cause of alopecia totalis. However, the main cause of this problem is still not known. One thing which can be said in respect of this skin condition is that it is a problem caused by the inefficiency of the immune system.

The immune system is responsible to protect the body against any type of infections or illnesses. At times, our immune system is not able to function properly and this becomes the cause of several diseases attacking our body all at once.

How can this problem get treated?

If you are diagnosed with this problem, i.e., alopecia totalis, by the doctor then the next immediate step should be in respect of the treatment which is required. There are various beneficial therapies which are known to be helpful in restoring the loss of hair.

To suppress the immune system, your doctor may prescribe you to take corticosteroid. Topical immunotherapy is also effective in boosting the immune system. Growing back your hair may be easy and quick if you start consuming minoxidil pills.