Women should Oxandrolone for Body Building

Oxandrolone – “soft” steroid with the low androgenic component. The effect of the steroid is primarily directed at improving the performance behavior of athletes. Oxandrolone dramatically improves the ability of synthesis of creatine phosphate muscle fibers allowing a significant increase in strength without losing weight. This particular quality of preparation according to the dignity of the athlete will appreciate the lighter weight categories.

Effect of steroid Oxandrolone drug:

This drug is popular with beginners and experienced athletes with a great experience. It is generally preferred weightlifting and safety forces that do not want to move to a higher weight class but try to look for ways to increase their strength while maintaining body weight. Oxandrolone is a potent anti-catabolic, which is able to occupy cortisol receptors and prevents their activation. Therefore, oxandrolone often comes out to maintain a certain muscle between cycles. Right course oxandrolone guarantees the formation of elastic, no watery type of muscles. This is important for athletes who have demonstrations or sports event. It must be noted that oxandrolone – this is not a new drug that has a long history. 1964 appeared the US Steroid Anavar (oxandrolone), the first anabolic can achieve a significant increase in strength.

However, in 1989 the American Oxandrolone (Anavar) was taken off the market but its analogs continue to be spent today. Course Oxandrolone order to ensure optimum performance, the athletes are prompted to take from 50 mg to 150 mg Oxandrolone per day. The dosage should be adjusted depending on the physical condition of an athlete. Even if the athlete’s maximum dose of Oxandrolone Balkan – 150 mg, a significant increase in muscle mass will not be without the support of the other anabolic steroids. In between the cycles, the dose should be about 30-40 mg per day. The daily dose of oxandrolone is divided into three parts and drinking at regular intervals.

Steroid perfectly with other drugs that are combined for athletes. Women should use Oxandrolone. Oxandrolone may require concomitant administration with clenbuterol or stanozolol during the “dry” purchase. Oxandrolone You can also take over the maintenance during Masson aborn ogo steroid cycle. To do so, the drug should be combined with methandrostenolone or oxymetholone. In between the cycles, oxandrolone taken with Android or methenolone. The combination with the steroid Nandrolone Decanoate is recommended for athletes who have problems if you buy testosterone.

Who should Oxandrolone the popularity of the drug most among the athletes and swimmers because of the ability of Oxandrolone to develop high-quality and performance characteristics of the muscle? In athletic sports such as bodybuilding, power turning it, the drug used during the “dry muscle”, the athlete faces challenges in fluid retention. The interesting fact is that oxandrolone – is one of the few steroids that women can safely assume. The drug was well tolerated by the female body, and for a while, it was even used as a remedy. Oxandrolone for women is advised to take a slightly lower dose. The optimal amount of the drug per day – 20-40 mg. Steroids can be used not only on women since oxandrolone is a good stimulator of growth in children, so use, and young athletes.