Lighting our way

Light is an important element for every living being. Human specially cannot live without light. Light serves the major purpose of showing the way or item or person that is around or front of you. Therefore light is a natural agent showing the visibility of everything around you and is the reason for the sense of sight. Light also can be used as a transportation of energy between different places since light is made out of radio waves and gamma rays. Electricity is another light element which is man-made.  People have found out ways of making light out of energy. Electricity can be created from fuel such as; coal, oil, natural gas, solar power, wind power etc.

Benefits of light

Light plays a major role in your life. It enables you to see things around you. Moreover light is the source of food for the world. Light is needed essentially for the growth of trees and plants. Moreover marine life is created by the reflection of light in to the sea. When there is less light such as deep sea the marine life is less there. It can be mentioned that without the existence of natural light the earth will not be a place for human to live. Electricity aids in managing many things in a human life. It assists in food making process, machinery making process, water making process, vehicle headlights with both led and hid spotlights etc.


Hid spotlights generated through gas while led are generated through electricity. Even a small thing as making a copy of a paper needs electricity. It can be said that without electricity there is no way of living for human race even though Stone Age people did live without electricity. Yet they needed light.

Think of life without light

If there is no light in the world what could be the consequences. Firstly natural light during day time is given by the Sun. If the Sun does not exist there is no life on the earth. Since the whole natural system is dependent on the Sun. During the night time people mostly depend on electricity. If electricity was not found in the world people will not be able to develop the world as how it is now. Sometime during an emergency power breakdown you can see people just lazing around since nothing can be done without the electricity. The world actually is too dependent on electricity. However people need to find alternatives in making electricity since minerals and water cannot be used for a long time to make electricity. Therefore electricity is important for the existence of human race.