Various types of Valves available for your Plumber Projects

Knowing the requirement and the use of the valve in order to complete your house project is one of the most important things, but in case you are not aware of anything about the valves, then the hiring a professional plumber or an engineer will serve as the best solution for you.  Well, you don’t have to worry; we are here to help you find the best and the right Valves at Blackhawk Supply.

Here, in this write up we are going to talk about the valves- the purpose they serve, materials they are good with and various types they are available in. Valves come in a wide range depending upon their usage. We will focus on some main types of valves, read on to know more about them:

Why do you need a valve and for what purpose?

Well, Valves at Blackhawk Supply have 2 main important functions that are the regulatory purpose (controlling the valves) and as shut off purpose. After determining that requirements of your project you choose the right valve to complete the same.

The Shutoff Valves

These types of valves come in a number of shapes in sizes, but they so just as their name implies by completely closing the flow of the liquids down. However, if your project needs to have only on or off capability, then a shut valve is the best option to go for.

The Ball Valves

This is one of the most common types of the valves! Ball valve tends to rely on the turning of a lever handle in order to engage the mechanism of on and off. It includes a solid metal ball with the size of the pipe with an opening that is drilled through the center.  So, when the opening is associated with the pipe, the flow of the fluids is possible, and when the pipe is placed perpendicular to the valve, the flow stops.

The Gate Valves

The gate valve is used sometimes as the regulating valve, these generally use a hand wheel, which makes the on and off much easier. By using the wheel on a spiral track, you tend to gain a mechanical benefit that the ball valve does not provide you with. Turning the wheel, the stem of the valve is driven upwards or downwards bringing the gate along with it.