Have a look at protection from financial loss


Have a look at the above heading. Can you guess what this article might be all about? So moving on your guess is correct. This is based on the insurance policy by which you can protect your financial loss. So we’ll everyone have knowledge of insurance policy. I guess. There are many policies of insurance. The amount of money which insurer charges for the insured coverage in the insurance policy is termed as premium. Risk factor matters a lot in this policy. Weather to high or to low risk. It is fixed that it will happen. So here we will be talking about the fleet insurance policy. This is actually a UK based policy. Have a look below.

Types of coverage

Let us see the types of coverage fleet insurance provide. Some are mentioned below

  • Comprehensive insurance – this policy you can term as bullet policy. In this policy, you have to your own vehicle in any event of fault claim. This is thus an expensive option. Here you have to pay for heavy loss especially if a fleet vehicle is written off.
  • Extra fleet coverage – this type of policy is applied basically for your motor vehicle. You have to protect this correctly by the fleet insurance policy. When you get the fleet quotes then you can proceed further. Don’t waste time sitting ideally.Fleet Insurance

Courier fleet cover

What is this actually?  I suppose you have a company. And in your company, multiple drivers are working as delivering goods to other people. Then it is obvious that you are a courier. Tough you are providing this service to people. So it is necessary for you to take courier fleet insurance.


It is completely your call to take whatever service you feel like taking. Always remember one thing that for your own benefits this insurance policy came. Now it is your call how you can take advantage of it. The fleet policy providesyou with a single policy scheme. Which means that in a single policy you can do multiple tasks. So you can rely on them blindly. The first search for them online then proceed further.