Careers for Those with an Eye for Layout

Some people are born with an ability to look at a space and then immediately know how to improve it. This instinctive talent can be put to good use in modern times when people are obsessed with appearances. Here are some career paths for those whose eye is naturally drawn towards layouts:

Designing the Interior

Interior designer is a prestigious and highly-paid career path – if you make it. Many fall by the wayside because they either fail to respect the client, or respect the space. Both elements must be in harmony when you design how the interior of the house or apartment should look. There are designer and architecture courses for interior designers to take which can help with knowing which materials and colours go where. However, many interior designers also fall into the business by accident, having a natural eye for what looks good in a space. It can be as simple as adding a tall lampshade in the corner of a room or as complicated as redoing all the walls in the house.

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Stage an Apartment

Apartment staging is a common practice in the real-estate industry. The stager will analyze an already occupied apartment and change or add furnishings and other props to make it look like brand new apartments for sale. Stagers will add carpets, vases and other similar props to make a house look more picturesque while using builders to mask any small flaws like cracks in plaster, stains etc. until the viewing period is over. The Hollywood actress Amy Adams played a stager in Leap Year who hands cookies to the owner of an apartment to heat in the oven while potential buyers are viewing the property: the smell will trigger happy childhood memories and elicit an offer.

Design the View

Landscape artists need more qualifications than the above jobs, because they need to think structurally too. Will the soil hold a big tree in 10 years that I plant as a sapling today? Will the view look good two or three years from now? How will the garden look from the different points of view of the house? A landscape artist has to look at a bare garden and decide how it can be transformed into an aesthetically pleasing vista. The landscape has to match the climate, the usual weather patterns, it has to be able to weather wear and tear from the elements, and should also be in harmony with the house and the requests of the client. Becoming a landscape artist will allow you the rare chance of shaping the future.