There are lots of most important things to be purchased before bringing the baby from the hospital. And the mom may receive more gifts from the visitors which is essential to the baby. The most common gift received by the mom is the layettes which includes all necessary cloths to the baby including the infant socks.

One cannot realize about how important the socks are?  One of the best baby footwear for the growing infant till their first birthday is boots and the merino wool socks. The infant socks are very long and they will not restrict the feet. The infants are not able to regulate their body temperature. So that the woolen socks may help your infant to stay warm for the whole day.

Infants would like to wear only the boots initially. Once you are decided to change their boots to socks make a special care on the selection of socks. The socks should not be very tight because it may harm the infant feet. So the socks should be somewhat longer than the baby toes.

Many parents are more conscious while buying the socks for their infants. You should be able to get the pure natural cotton socks. Organic cotton socks may help your baby’s feet cozy and warm. These organic cotton socks help to protect your baby skin from any type of chemicals because of the natural material in it. And washing of the organic socks are also very easy because you just need to wash it in the mild detergent. The searching of organic socks is also very easy as they are available on online or in some organic socks.

The most important part in the bay wardrobe is infant socks. Most of the parents would like to buy the socks that match to the baby outfits. This is simpler because there are thousands of colors available while purchasing socks. There are also various materials such as cotton, wool, alpaca, bamboo, hemp and merino wool socks are really great to purchase. There is an argument on which material is better between wool and cotton socks. Here are some differences between the wool and cotton socks.

  • Cost
  • Quality
  • Odor free
  • Variety
  • Protection
  • Warmth
  • Moisture