Dust free writing with chalk marker

To write on multiple non porous surfaces like glass, plastic, whiteboards, LED boards with more fun and unique way, chalk markers are the best option to be used. They give a great deal of flexibility. Thus it works more similar to other markers, but when they are used with chalkboard it can be easily wiped off. These markers also named as liquid chalk markers. Thus it is a liquid that does not transfer to any substance unlike other chalk powders. This marker liquid contains a mixture of water, color pigment and resin. This writes like a marker but when it dries, it looks like a chalk. Best part of this marker is, it does not leave any chalk dust and it is easy and smooth in writing.


The marker will help to add beauty and brightness to all art with different fluorescent colors. Marker is a pack offers fantastic value with 10 great bright neon colors – red, orange, white, green, black, yellow, blue, purple, pink and brown. This is a bullet tip marker of 6 mm in size. It gives bold and smooth letters which does not smudge. When it dries they give metallic acrylic, oil paint feel. This can be used for all temporary commercial applications, kid’s project, message boards, car windows and so on. This marker works as a best gift for kid’s birthday and party decoration.

Regular chalk vs liquid marker

Regular chalks are dull, uninspiring or plain stripes. Liquid markers have variety of bright colors that differentiates from others. Some essential characters that distinguish regular chalks from liquid marker:

  • Filled with inks to last longer than the usual chalk.
  • High quality inks with bright colors.
  • Premium quality tip that does not bend or dry completely.

Characteristics of liquid marker

  • Since they are dust free, these markers can be used by asthma people.
  • With its bullet tip, fine and bold works can be designed easier.
  • High quality of inks with odor free and non toxic substance.
  • Using a damp cloth, it is easy to remove colors.
  • Safe usage for child above 3 years.
  • It can be used on any non porous surface without any limit.

These markers are not messy like usual chalks. Since it is non-toxic they are child friendly. They can be cleaned without stains and stay for long life. No more embarrassing screeching on the boards. Enjoy your board experience from dust free marker.