Fashion designing has started gaining importance

Many of them have started giving importance to the fashion designing. Each one of us want to show ourselves updated. So we choose the designers who are updated in the latest trends. We want our costume to show our prestige, status or to show how beautifully we portrait our self before others. For fashion designing the main thing we need is the sewing machine. Earlier the sewing machines having no features. It was just used to stitch the cloths nothing more than that can be done in that. But as the requirement of the people have increased the features are also added accordingly in the sewing machines which are available in the market now. The sewing machines are of different types and there are machines such as sewing machine for jeans. This type of machine can be used for sewing heavy cloths.

The fashion designers who use it for industrial purpose can also buy the sewing machine according to their requirement. This is because the sewing machines are categorised into two types one is used for commercial purpose that is industrial sewing machines. Another type of machine is used for domestic purpose.

  • There are some key ways through which we can understand the difference between the industrial machine and the domestic machines.
  • But it is little hard to understand the difference between them. When it comes to stitching we can see the difference in the performance of the machine.
  • The quality of the stitch will be more perfect and better looking in the industrial machines when compared with the domestic machine.
  • The production speed will be high in case of the industrial machines. But the domestic machines are not so less in speed.
  • Nowadays many people started using motor for the domestic machines which improves the speed of the production.
  • In the home machine we cannot handle the thicker materials as well as we cannot handle the cloths which are larger in size. But the industrial machines can handle any type of cloths.
  • When the domestic machines are used with the help of motor we cannot use it more than 5 hours a day. Using the machine more than that is risky.
  • The industrial machines can handle thicker threads and they can also handle the larger cones. But the domestic cannot handle the thicker threads.

But even in the domestic machines the sewing machines for jeans is available. So we can purchase that specific machine for stitching jeans.