Why should you do your shopping from departmental stores?

A departmental store is a large retail establishment which has a vast assortment in variety and range of goods, organized into different departments. All departments are housed under the same roof in order to facilitate buying, customer service, merchandising, and control. A departmental store offers a number of advantages to both the customers and the owners. Some of the important advantages of a departmental store are written below.

  1. Shopping is convenient at departmental store: A departmental store allows the customers to purchase all the required items under one roof. As there is no need for visiting several shops, a great amount of time is saved.
  2. Departmental store offers a wide variety of products: When shopping at a departmental store, customers can choose from a wide selection of products. Depending on their needs and wants, customers can make their best choice.
  3. Departmental store purchases bulk goods at a cheap price: When goods are bought in bulk they cost cheaper. This is because manufacturers give a large discount on goods that are purchased in bulk. Freight, loading and unloading charges are also lower for bulk goods.
  4. Departmental store offers various facilities: Apart from selling different products, departmental stores also provide different facilities such as free drinking water, parking, telephone, reading room, recreational hall etc.
  5. Departmental store does great publicity: Generally, departmental stores have big fund at their disposal. They can conduct advertisement and publicity events on a large scale. They can take advantage of the benefits provided by the experts’ services.
  6. Departmental store has a big turnover: A large number of people prefer shopping at departmental stores for a number of reasons such as central location, convenience of shopping, provisions of services, effective advertisement. Therefore, the turnover is generally quite high.
  7. Departmental store has a higher efficiency: Departmental stores appoint experts for buying, accounting, advertising etc. Also, qualified and skilled salespersons and other staffs are appointed which leads to a higher efficiency.
  8. Departmental store allows inspecting goods: One of the main advantages of a departmental store is that, it allows to customers to inspect the goods before purchasing. The customers can touch and feel the products.
  9. Departmental store can raise finance quickly: Usually departmental stores are business organization in the form of a limited company. Thus, they can easily raise the money needed to run the company.
  10. Departmental stores have good reputation: As departmental stores offer efficient services to the customers, they enjoy a good reputation.


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