Benefits of Using Computer Aided Design

It is a known fact that using computer-aided design, or what’s more popularly called CAD helps to make better designs on the computer. It has many apparent benefits that help enhance the outcome of a design. While using CAD brings a great deal of versatility to the task of designing, there are certain intricate benefits of using CAD that a mechanical designer should know about. With that being said, here are some benefits of using CAD-based software, like DesignSpark Mechanical.

It increases the overall productivity

When a designer works with CAD software, it helps in creating designs in a shorter period. Thus, the designer can dedicate the remaining time to other designs. So, designing on CAD results in an increase in overall productivity by reducing the number of designers required in the firm. Since a lesser number of designers can create more designs, it results in a low-cost, high-quality work.

If a design involves complications, it becomes easier to design it with all the complications on CAD rather than a drawing board. CAD also helps in saving drawings so that in case of repetition, one can use the saved strokes instead of drawing it over and over. CAD also helps make more symmetrical designs in a lesser amount of time. Various researches and the personal experiences of designers prove that using CAD is far more beneficial than using a drawing board to design.

Lesser number of errors while drafting

There are a number of factors that play an important role while drafting, like the dimensions, specifications, etc. When a designer drafts on a drawing board, the design is bound to have certain human errors. Moreover, when a design has errors, it is sent back to the designer after analysis, which takes a lot of time to make changes.

When using CAD, the errors resulting from manual processes are reduced to a great extent. This is because CAD comes with various features that help to overcome errors. Once you are done with the designing phase, the rest of the processes that otherwise would be manual and time consuming are taken care of automatically. Even as a design is sent back for corrections, the CAD library has history and saved designs which make redesigning or making changes an easier and a less time-consuming task.

Better analysis of the designs

The traditional method of designing on drawing board is split into two phases- designing phase and analysis phase. Also, the task of analyzing the design is mostly delegated to other professionals. There are many challenges involved. If in case the analysis team is dealing with other tasks, the designer would have to wait for the analysis, wasting a lot of time.

Also, if there is a lack of proper communication, the intended changes won’t be made, and the design may have various flaws. While this is time-consuming, the outcome does not even justify the amount of time invested. However, when using CAD, designers can analyze the design by themselves, using the analysis tool on the software. Designer software, like SuperPro Designer, saves much time and make the work pretty efficient.

Ease of manufacturing

While CAD refers to computer-aided designing, CAM refers to computer-aided manufacturing. When you use CAD, you can opt for an easier method of manufacturing, that is CAM. CAD and CAM work well when integrated for the best of outcomes. These days, you can even use a single unit instead of using two individual units for both. CAD can help in production planning, programming for the job of manufacturing, designing tools for manufacturing, etc.

Computer-aided design software has become a fundamental requisite for designers, whether in the field of mechanical engineering, software development, or architecture. It is as basic as RPG Maker MV in the world of gaming. These benefits imply that if you are a designer or a company with a bunch of designers working for you, you can’t say no to CAD. Also, there is no reason to run away from CAD when you see how efficient and easy it can make the whole task of designing for you. If you look for growth and real productivity, it is about time you make a switch from drawing boards to CAD.