Best WordPress Cloud Hosting Services

Cloud hosting is a term that has been pretty vague to the consumers of the internet. Before we divulge into a plethora of the WordPress cloud hosting services, I think we should get crystal clarity on the definition of the term cloud hosting.

So, what is cloud hosting? Cloud Hosting is a process through which one can rent space on an internet server with the help of cloud computing services. Another term to make you confused. Fret not. Cloud computing is a technological innovation that allows renting of computational services on different internet servers on a pay per basis. It has flexible pricing and allows refunding options.

WordPress workflow has excellent cloud hosting services to avail. But you need to know which one is customized to your taste and choices. Most customers struggle to find facilities which can cater to their needs. It is very crucial to look into the opportunities as the health of an individual or an organization’s website highly depends on cloud hosting services. It is better to know the options available on the market. Before choosing, three factors should be kept on the back of your mind- speed, uptime, and customer support. What do you think? Here is a list of the best WordPress cloud hosting services:

# BlueHost

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If the cost-effectiveness is of utmost importance to you, then Bluehost is the best option for WordPress cloud hosting service. It has all the required functionalities within an affordable price range. It guarantees good customer satisfaction. If it is not made for you, you can get a full refund within 30 days from the period you have signed up. Bluehost allows your server to include advertisements from Google to create revenue for your website development.  Bluehost allows you to back-up your data and loads the data fast.


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One of the leading companies of cloud hosting services is Siteground. Established in 2004, it has expanded to nearly 500000 websites and domains in every country of the world. Its USP lies in its high-quality of service. SiteGround utilises Linux containers for high efficiency and speedy delivery. It has the feature of a one-click installation. It also allows auto-updating of WordPress and the domain name is not charged for a year.

# InMotion

InMotion is one of the most popular cloud hosting platforms, which utilises Linux SSD VPS server. With its unique and innovative features, the cloud hosting service is excellent. One has the option to use either free server management, in addition to a free cPanel license. It also features free data backup software and helps to optimize the growth of an e-commerce website.


This cloud hosting service provider gives you the options to use infrastructural services from Amazon, Google or even Vultr. Cloudways lets you develop your app by utilising PHP frameworks and E-commerce builders. It also gives the customer the choices of server resources for the data storage device. Cloudways is known for speed, efficiency, and features one-click usage.

# HostGator

HostGator is a highly customized cloud hosting service provider. It caters to the requirement of different users. And the good news is that customization is not chargeable. It has above par functionality, and it is also credible. One can easily access the unique features that come in hand with the VPS hardware. HostGator also has a 24*7 all year customer service assistance. It features weekly data backup options and is highly reliable due to its multi-layered security system features.