Everyone must get antivirus on their electronic devices

Antivirus is software that protects your personal computers, laptops and mobile phones from malware, Trojan horses, worms and any other malicious invaders. You can install anti virus on phone by using the following link-http://bestlaptopguides.com/bitdefender-2018-review/.

Major kinds of malicious software that attack our devices

  • Computer virus

Computer viruses are segments of a complete code which have the capability to repeat itself in a loop and have a bad impact on the software of the device by corrupting it completely. It reduces the efficiency of the software to zero and destroys all the data that is contained in the device.

  • Worms

Worms are traditional computer viruses that have the special capability of self-replication by infecting itself in numerous other devices apart from the one it has presently infested. These viruses are a real danger to the computers, thereby obstructing the inherent functioning of the computer

  • Trojan horses

antivirus protection Trojan horses are malicious software that disguise them as real and legitimate software. Taking its name from the Greek mythology of the Helen of Troy, it does the exact same thing. It disguises into the user’s computer as true software sent out by some hackers and data thieves who might want to steal some important data and information present in your computer.

These viruses provide access to the information and data present in your computer and might also lead to complete disruption of your computer software. The need of antivirus arose at the time before the infestation of the virus. As has been said, prevention is better than cure, the anti-virus acts as a prevention software which helps the software to fight against the computer virus and prevent them from entering into the computer. They can also be deployed at the time the virus has infected the computer. They remove the antivirus software by detecting the location of the malicious software and removing it from its roots. The antivirus uninstalls the virus software and stops it from performing all its functions which can potentially destroy the software of the given computer.