Exploring Gemas –Recreation Area, Agro, Theme Park, Cultures, Delicious Culinary

Recreation, Agro and Theme Park

If you love the sounds of happy hour and create memories with your loved ones, visit recreation centers, agro and theme parks in the state. Many people comes for spend their holiday. Most of them go by train from Johor to Gemas to avoid traffic jam.

Below are listsof interesting Places in Gemas:

  • Rantau Agro Park
  • Taman Mini Orkit
  • Taman Tasik Seremban
  • Star-fresh Agro Park
  • Titi Eco Farm.
  • Wet World Resort Air Panas Pedas
  • PD Ostrich Farm – PortDickson.
  • Jelita Ostrich Show Farm – Ostrich Show farm at Jelebu, Seremban.
  • Veterinary Animal Park


The beach is a vacation spot that is a tourist in any country whatsoever. Tourist come by train from Johor to Gemas. The beauty of the white sand, the roar of the waves hitting the shore and an amazing ocean view and give peace of mind to rest. Here are the lists of beautiful beach:

  • Bagan Pinang Beach
  • Purnama Beach – Also known as Sri Purnama
  • Cahaya NegeriBeach
  • Tanjung Gemok
  • Mirror Beach
  • Tanjung Biru
  • Telok Kemang Beach – themost popular beach in Port Dickson.
  • Batu Empat Beach
  • Bayu Beach
  • Saujana Beach

Shopping Centre

Bring your family shopping if to Negeri Sembilan. Among places of particular interest are:

  • Nilai 3 – You can buy a variety of home decor items, furniture, clothing and other here. The third is the famous shopping location that must be visited when holidaying in Negeri
  • Rembau Crystal

Culture and Customs

The Perpatih custom which applied in Negeri Sembilan is originated from Minangkabau, Sumatra. This custom still exists and is practiced until now such appointment Yang diPertuan Besar of Negeri Sembilan and Appointments of Undang Luak Yang Empat, there are Rembau, River Edge, Johol, and Jelebu. In fact, social regulations in Perpatih custom is still practiced in the structure of society and administrative systems such as:

  • Law and legislation.


Traditional Food in Negeri Sembilan

Most of traditional food in Gemas feels much pepper and spicy. Between the food and the cuisine is popular in Negeri Sembilanare:

  • Masak lemak cili api
  • Rendang dendeng
  • Lemang, ketupat
  • Wajik
  • Dodol