Now your trip to Mersing will be even easier!

One can now travel by bus to Mersing at fair prices, which is the prime and alternative cheap option for backing up the option for different nearby residents who want to travel to the place called as Mersing and further the Tioman Island. The bus from the Johor Bahru to the Mersing even serves all locals easily to the people who travel between two cities effectively. They are the reliable coach companies that provide the buses from the Mersing. The journey duration of this place from Johor Bahru is only two hours. The bus fare for the bus from this place is in range of the RM 12 and RM 13 only. Due to the cheap fair price from this place, some of the budgeted backpackers take up the bus for great tour.

Another group of the travellers takes up the bus from the Johor Bahru to the Mersing as the tickets for the bus from the Singapore to Mersing gets sold out. They don’t have any choice for taking up the alternative option from the Johor Bahru to Mersing. The departure point for the coaches goes to the Mersing in the Johor Bahru is located at the Larkin bus terminal. Their point of arrival is also cited at the Mersing bus terminal that is located at around the 10 minute of the walking distance. Those who continue be on the journey of the Tioman island by the ferry, can easily walk on the jetty for catching ferry to the Tioman island.

In the Larkin bus terminal in the Johor Bahru, there are some of the agents who try selling the bus tickets which comes without any departure time. The only way of avoiding them is telling all of them politely to purchase the tickets online in advance. Now booking and travel by bus to mersing is easy enough, hassle free and comes without any struggle for all. Make sure you get in touch with the reputed booking agent for traveling to your favorite place Mersing with your friends and family today.