5 things that bother the bride’s mom- How can the bride fix it

The entire wedding process may be very tiring and backbreaking but on the other hand it’s a roller coaster ride of emotions for the bride as well as the mother of the bride. The mother of the bride has so much to look after that she almost breaks down at several events bringing chores to an end.

In the meanwhile there are thousands of thoughts that are swirling around in her head and she fails to keep her calm that which one to prioritize and which is less important to be skipped. We have formulated a few thoughts that a bride’s mother may be preoccupied and distracted with, and how you being the bride can help her.

  1. “Will I ever be able to find an exquisite outfit for the wedding?”

What can a woman’s biggest concern and a fear other than what is she going to wear to the event as important as her daughter’s wedding. Don’t let your mom stress of mother of the bride dresses. Rather take her out to a fun shopping trip, at least three months before the wedding and guide her in accordance with the colors the bridesmaids are adorning on the event. The style the mother of the brides dresses tea length, off shoulder, sleeveless orfull length whatever she fascinates should be picked.

  1. “Will I be asked to play my part?”

Gone are the days when the mother of the bride were the sole person in charge of the entire wedding preparations. Unlike previous days now the mother can be your most trusted advisor, a pillar whom you may go to and unwind and designate the task that worries you the most. To make her feel involved and comfortable ask her if she wants to incorporate any family wedding traditions in your wedding, ask for advices for the venue décor, themes of the wedding and the flower arrangements. This will make her feel desired and happy.

  1. “How much is the wedding going to cost me?”

Honestly, no one likes surprises when it comes to money especially. So in order to avoid any shocks later on, start working on the finances as soon as you get engaged. Estimate the amount you are planning to spend, also the amount you expect your parents to chip in. come forward and share it with them so they be prepared of the dent in their wallets.

  1. “Can I not host the bridal shower?”

It’s considered a norm that the bride’s family member cannot throw the bridal shower so as not to appear to be asking for the gifts. But now people are becoming more liberal towards the traditions and bridal showers can be arranged of co-hosted by the bride’s mother. So, if she has her heart fixed on hosting the shower, let her go for it. Etiquettes be damned!

  1. “The piece of my heart is getting married”

What an emotional moment for a mother to finally wed her little princess. Make sure that you sit her down before or on the wedding day and thank her from the bottom of your heart for the help she had rendered. Remember! You couldn’t have made it this far without her.